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Christ Church Mission Statement

This Church exists to:
Love God, Unite in Fellowship
Serve the Community
Share the good news of Jesus Christ
In the power of the Holy Spirit.

Welcome to Christ Church Lye

The family of God in fragmented world, helping people as they really are meet with God as he really is ...

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We believe...

God made a great and glorious world to enjoy and use wisely. We are made by him and our hearts are restless without him, but have turned our backs on him.

We believe...

That God did not look at our problems from a distance, but loved us enough to become one of us in his Son Jesus Christ. He died on the cross for our sins and conquered evil He holds open the door to eternal life to all who turn to him.

We believe...

That the Holy Spirit is at work making Jesus real today and so helping us to believe.

We believe...

That the Bible speaks clearly and powerfully to our world today.

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