While the history of the Christ Church Lye can be traced back to 1813 that's pretty much the only historical thing about us.


Our church was a gift to the people of Lye and today we are trying to continue that tradition by reaching out to the people around us.



A journey begins with a single step.

Mirror, Mirror ...

When you look in the mirror you see what you look like.  God also sees who you can be ...

Jesus means ...

As a name 'Jesus' means 'God Saves' - just in case you didn't understand what he is trying to do.

Coming Along ...

To come to this church you do not need to be perfect.  Just willing to admit your not and probably never will be.

Is there one life and then that's it?

I'm fine as I am!

What am I living for?

If God is there why doesn't he show himself?


Christianity Explored is short course looking at the person at the centre of the Christian faith, Jesus Christ.   


In Christianity Explored -

  • You can ask any question
  • You don't need to be "religious" to come.
  • You don't need to know anything about the Bible.
  • Come as you are

Starts  Tuesday January 21st at 7-30pmn at Christ Church, Lye High Street, DY9 8LF.   For more information contact Simon Falshaw on 01384 423142 or email s_falshaw@yahoo.com



We take the protection and safety of children and vulnerable adults very seriously.  All people in the church who work with children youth or vulnerable adults have been checked with the national Disclosure and Barring Service.  


If you have any concerns about safeguarding and would like to talk to someone here are some useful phone numbers -


Vicar          Rev Simon Falshaw                01384 423142

Parish Safeguarding Officer           Mrs Gloria Burrows            01384 894948

Diocesan Safeguarding Officer      Hilary Higton       07495 060 869

Childline          0800  1111

Age Concern UK        0800 678 1602