Our Beliefs

We are a church in the mainstream of the world wide Christian faith and part of the Church of England.


We believe -

  • Jesus Christ changes lives and gives eternal life freely to those who turn to him.
  • God has spoken clearly through the Bible which teaches, encourages and guides us today.
  • Through the Holy Spirit God makes his presence known in the church as a witness to the whole world.


Our Values


Worship is a response to what God has done for us in sending Jesus Christ to save us. This should shape every area of our lives and so we  are committed to  worship both in words and deeds and in private and in public.


We believe the Gospel is  the only means of salvation and so we make proclaiming it a priority.  We look to God beginning a process of transformation in us now which is a shadow of the reality that will be revealed when the Kingdom of God is ultimately revealed in its full glory.


We believe the Bible is the chief tool God the Holy Spirit uses to convert and build up the church. We will try to teach it clearly and faithfully so that God’s voice will be heard.



As an Anglican church we recognise our priority to minister to those in the immediate area of the parish of Lye, but also recognise that because of our physical position, and the network nature of our society  we have a ministry to people in a wider area.  We recognise that the church building is a valuable resource for this mission. 


We recognise that no spiritual change happens without God and that in a multi-faith post-Christian society that there are many barriers to commitment and so we believe persistent prayer is a priority. 


Given our diverse community we will be sensitive to culture and avoid cultural barriers especially of social class and ethnicity.  No one should feel unwelcomed because they think "I don't belong with these sort of people"


In a post-Christian age we will contend faithfully for the Gospel but avoid being unnecessarily contentious. 


We are part of a global church and want to both learn from and give to God’s work outside the local church.



Church is an encounter between God as he really is and people as they really are and so we are expect  the Holy Spirit to be at work among us today  creating and building up the church.


We are a church in Lye for Lye but not just of Lye


We recognise that the process of discipleship will often be slow and messy, and while we may be surprised by sin we are not shocked.


We want genuine relationships and to be a church where people are not afraid to be real. We see the value of meeting together in large and small groups and so see being in committed fellowship with other Christians as essential to spiritual growth. 


We live in a consumer culture and recognising it is more blessed to give than to receive we meet together first to encourage others, and will use our gifts to do this.